Services Process

The entire production process begins with the contract of the project or customer.

The section of the production cycle is subdivided as follows:

Engineering and Projects

The engineering area, is located in Italy in the province of Venice, and is composed by Senior staff with over 10 years experience and Junior personnel as well, young graduates from the best Italian Universities for Mechanical Engineering (Padua, Venice, Udine).

The company also has external support from European engineering offices, in case of specific topics. Designing, engineering and assembly processes are made from the Office in Italy, responsible to send the information to Production facility in Honduras, ensuring the complete control between the designing until On-site assembly operation.

Cutting and Material preparation

Technical Office sent the cutting specs according to the duty cycle established. The main operations are divided into:

  • Withdrawal of the raw material, cutting the steel according to the plans and / or the directions on the cycle.
  • Once the material is cut, the pantograph is the next step, and pieces are marked according to the specs. This information comes from the nesting lists, given from the production manager.
  • Once this stage is ready, the pieces are supervised according to the quality control. If the control is positive, materials are sent to specific storage areas – awaiting new processes.

Pre-assembly and carpentry

Once the operations of preparing the materials are completed, all the components are deposited in designated areas, divided by order and cycle. From the removal of these parts, starts the pre-assembly operation, following the procedures indicated on the drawings, the duty cycle and control.

Cycle and plans received by the section chief, is up to the operator to provide the preparation of the working table and the sketch.

Once the pre-assembly operation is finished, the control form is pre-sealed and sent to the following phases of the cycle.

Welding and special processes

Following the indications of program production, materials are removed from storage areas to proceed to preliminary welding operations:

  • Outlook of the drawings: the parts are draw with a plaster, in order to indicate the thickness of the indicated welding.
  • Machine Calibration control: inspections and Non-destructive Test (RT, UT, PT, MT, and VT) are executed according to the design requirements.

Finished and sketches

Completed welding stage, the following step is:

a). Sketch
All materials are subjected to the plot phase in order to control the blueprints of the requested specifications.

b). Surface protection
The surface protection of materials is realized according to the technical specifications of the client.

Mechanical Works

Mechanical works are operated usually at the final stage of each production cycle. The quality control of each work is done by the field manager.

Final Control Inspection

The final inspection is made by the Quality Manager, to all the shipping parts.


Satisfied the conditions and requirements of every part/piece, the components are disassembled and proceeds to the sandblasting and painting operations.


We have an efficient Planning and Quality Control, because the following facts:

  • Highly trained and qualified team, who tracks and follow-up the field processes;
  • Protocol of installation & equipment according to engineering;
  • Welding test by nondestructive methods such as: industrial radiography, industrial ultrasound, magnetic particles, penetrating liquids and visual inspection, inspection and control procedures
  • Inspection protocols for final testing and starting up the installed equipment.
  • We have all the control´s instruments and equipment technology.


On-Site assembly

On-site assembly are developed according to a plan previously designed that integrates sequence and progress of work on site, procedures development for the different stages, quality plan, safety plan, organizational plan, lifting plans and schedule of activities among others, in order to facilitate our know -how to the clients.

IIA team has the best professionals, talented and competitive; state of the art machinery and equipment, using the ultimate practices and processes of engineering that makes a difference in our services.

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